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The challenge

FSL Scoreboards is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of electronic scoreboards, video displays and performance equipment for score keeping and time keeping purposes in any sport, event and major sporting arenas worldwide. With superior LED digit clarity and viewing distance, FSL tailored sports solutions are designed to enhance spectator enjoyment, improve sporting club facilities, and maximise revenue via sponsorship.

FSL Scoreboards recognised that their website needed a fresh redesign to reflect the current business brand and strategy, highlighting the three core areas focusing on solutions and benefits of the products, and enable customers to purchase Performance Equipment online.


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Our solution

  • Raises the Company profile & gives a competitive edge: The new FSL Scoreboards website raises the company profile, placing FSL Scoreboards as a forward thinking, innovative and leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic scoreboards, video displays and performance equipment for score keeping and time keeping purposes in any sport, event and major sporting arenas worldwide.
  • Visually displays brands core messages and product value propositions: The new design visually displays brands core messages and product value propositions, and reflects their brand message, their solutions and the benefits of the products – Enhance spectator enjoyment, Improve sporting club facilities, and Maximise revenue via sponsorship. FSL Scoreboards has three core product offerings and so the new website had to clearly identify the separate divisions. Therefore, the team at WebsiteNI built a main splash page clearly identifying the different divisions of the organisation, with links to the individual divisions of the website. The new site provides clear signposts and pathways to enable website visitors to select the relevant division for their needs, and this promotes the full FSL Scoreboards product and service offering and build trust and confidence in the Company’s expertise, experience, quality and capability.
  • Online shop and product portfolio: FSL Scoreboards also required a flexible product page to be able to show a range of information such as product description, features, technical specifications, benefits, images, testimonials, and brochure downloads and enquiry forms. The WebsiteNI team designed product pages with enough information to answer the users high-level questions, but not enough information to answer every question, so that users would contact FSL and submit enquiry forms for lead capture. The product pages are styled around all the required content and imagery and designed to provide a clear and structured product page with a clear navigation to enable the user to see the full range of products on offer. The portfolio section highlights FSL Scoreboards full offering, capability and expertise in a wide range of sports, events and major sporting arenas worldwide. Users can view all projects and further filter by ‘Sport’’ and ‘Solution’. Individual projects include Images, Sport, Solution, Location, Client Logo and Testimonial. The new website also features an online shop to enable customers to purchase Sporting Equipment products online and encourage repeat users to the site. The site has clear navigation and product category filters to enable the user to see the full range of products on offer, with strong calls to action on each product page and easy to use, one page checkout to reduce checkout to a one step process which should increase conversion rate and revenue.
  • Professional, engaging, builds trust: The website design is professional and engaging and build immediate trust and confidence in FSL Scoreboards capability and expertise. The new design also displays the client logos to reflect those who FSL Scoreboards have worked with. This conveys a level of standing, capability and credibility and instils confidence in any potential customers, proving they have a solid and reliable reputation for quality, expertise, client focus as well as conveying operations throughout the UK, Ireland and Worldwide. The website is informative and modern, with easy to use navigation so as to clearly identify the three core divisions of the business, promote the full range of products and services and ultimately generate more business and sales.
  • Clearly defined pathways, search facility: The site’s main homepage and navigation bar is critical to the user journey and provides easy access to key areas. With clearly defined pathways to information and logical categorisation of information, the new website design allows the user to easily find the information they are looking for with a minimum of interactions.  The team built a menu with a display including all the core services with top level and sub level pages for ease of navigation. The new website has a fresh and modern look and feel and works seamlessly across a range of browsers, from desktop through to tablet and mobile.
  • WordPress: The website was developed within the WordPress platform with an easy to use Content Management System. This ensures the website is modern and interactive and allows for ease of use and functionality for both the end user and the administrators.
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