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Bespoke websites that are tailored specifically to your business…

The competitive digital era has taken over – very few businesses can survive without having a strong web presence. Today’s online consumer is tech-savvy and ‘switched on’ but does not want to think; they want to quickly and easily find what they are looking for because if they don’t, they will leave your website.

As a result, web designers must create visually engaging, user-friendly, easy to navigate, fully responsive websites that can communicate effectively with customers and add value. We aim to build websites that connect with customers, bringing business and customer closer together.

Our team of designers and developers work to create websites that not only look great on every device, but that also promote brand awareness and loyalty, generate sales and leads and get those all-important conversions.

Our designers have experience working with all types of businesses from a wide variety of sectors. We work closely with you, getting to know you and your business and designing websites that not only deliver on your own website goals, but that exceed expectations and work hard for you, becoming the missing piece in your journey to online success.

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responsive web design

A responsive website is a key ingredient to success for any business in today’s digital-obsessed world. An engaging, mobile-friendly site that can be easily viewed across desktop, tablet or mobile devices is an essential tool for communicating effectively with your customers, promoting brand awareness to a whole new audience and generating leads. WebsiteNI can make sure your website is sending out the right message and is fully responsive, user-friendly and cost-effective.

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ecommerce solutions

Our eCommerce sites are built using the Magento 2 Platform.  We are experienced B2C and B2B Magento 2 developers and provide you with the tools required to bring your online business to new heights. WebsiteNI will design, develop and promote mobile-responsive, user-friendly eCommerce websites to help you sell more online.

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bespoke web applications

A cleverly designed bespoke solution can help give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Using a combination of our in-house software development tools and the latest open-source software frameworks, we develop bespoke web applications to suit your specific needs and opportunities. We work closely with you to determine exactly what you require and then build a web application that is secure, responsive, easy-to-use and fit to fulfil your goals.

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agency work

We offer our services as a silent partner for a number of advertising and marketing agencies. This arrangement allows you, the agency, to offer additional complementary services to your customers, without the added cost of a having a full-time resource in place. We have a well-established team of designers, developers and digital marketers and we take a flexible approach to how our resources can be delivered to suit your specific needs.

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customer support

While other agencies may charge hourly for website support, WebsiteNI include support hours as part of our hosting and maintenance package without the added cost. Our website hosting and support packages are in place to provide you with the freedom to be able to pick up the phone or email us whenever you have any questions, technical problems, training needs or advice, or minor updates and additions to your website.