Welcome to the team, Amy Baxter! Image

Welcoming to the WebsiteNI team, Amy Baxter!

At WebsiteNI, pride ourselves on our creative, hard-working team of industry professionals.

Amy has joined the team as a web designer. We thought we would take this opportunity to let everyone get to know Amy a little better with a quick interview.


  1. What are you responsible for at WebsiteNI?

I’m in charge of creating designs for client websites. The visual element of a website is unique to each client, reflecting the company brand and aesthetics. Before I start to sketch and design a new website I need to acquire a full understanding of the client brief. To facilitate this, the Client Account Manager meets with me to run through the client handover document and discuss the client’s specifications, preparing me fully for the project.


  1. What is your background?

Studying Interactive Media at the Southern Regional College was really the beginning of my journey to becoming a Web Designer.  After finishing college, the next progression was to complete a degree in Interactive Multi-Media Design at the Ulster University. My course was four years, including a year placement in web design and development at Elm House Creative in Belfast. It was great to gain practical experience in a role I had been studying throughout college and university. After completing my studies, I was lucky enough to continue to work at Elm House Creative for several years earning great knowledge and experience. Thinking it was time for a change, the job here at WebsiteNI came up and it has all worked out for the best!


  1. What was your first impression of WebsiteNI?

My first impression of WebsiteNI was that everyone on the team seemed so nice and welcoming. From my first step through the door it has been clear that everyone enjoys doing things together, even just having our lunch, having a chat. It’s a chilled-out environment which suits my personality perfectly. The mix of people in the offices makes a great working environment, everyone works hard.


  1. What makes you most excited for your future at WebsiteNI?

Working with a range of projects really excites me, different businesses, different industries, different clients. One project may be for a construction business, the next might be accountancy. It makes you very adaptable. Another thing that excites me WebsiteNI is working with such a good team. Everyone is great at what they do which only pushes me to be better at my job too.


  1. What do you like most about your job?

Being a creative person, design has always been an interest of mine. I’m very particular about the process to be followed when taking on a project, there are certain ways I like things to done to ensure they are done well. Being able to take all the different aspects of web design, typography, colours, putting it all together and seeing a final product is really satisfying to me.


  1. What are your goals for working at WebsiteNI?

Not to get kicked out!


  1. What did you want to be when growing up?

As a child my dream was to be a sports journalist. I’m quite interested in sports in general, finding myself watching almost anything sports related. The problem with being a sports journalist is I don’t think I could be a demanding enough person. Journalists have to really pressure people for interviews and ask awkward questions, it just doesn’t suit the type of person I am.


  1. What is one thing you always wanted to try and never did?

Travelling has always been a dream of mine. Maybe when Covid eases a little more I will get the chance. Going to America is something I would really love to do. America is one of those places that you see so much of on the tv and movies, it really makes you want to experience it yourself. A holiday to New York is definitely due.


  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to do the usual stuff, chill out, go for walks, coffee, those kinds of things. If you’d asked me what I’ll be doing in my spare time this weekend I’d only be able to tell you I’m getting two tyres on my car! Going to the driving range is something that I enjoy which you might not expect though, I just hit it as hard as I can without losing my club.


Again, we are super proud to have Amy with us. Seeing more talent enter our growing organisation only makes us even more excited for the WebsiteNI journey.