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PPC or ‘pay per click’ is simple search results that are paid for per each click. Unlike SEO marketing, PPC is a faster way to start driving your traffic to your website immediately. With PPC, you have more control over your spending and budget allocations for your campaigns on a daily or monthly basis.

DO Geo-Targeting

This is especially beneficial for local businesses. Geo-targeting can provide you with the opportunity to reach your local audience or even national and global audiences. The important aspect of this is that you have the option of how targeted you want your ad to be.

Not everyone around the world will respond to your ads, so why choose the whole world to see them.

DON’T Neglect Audience Targeting

To reiterate the above, why target groups that are not going to respond? By focusing on your product or brand and neglecting your audience defeats the point of the ad.

It’s important that you understand your target audience e.g. Gender, age, location, hobbies. They are all crucial in getting to know the people who are actively searching for you.

DO Build in Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are sets of words that you can tell the PPC campaign to not show on your ads.

This may seem strange as you want as many people as possible to see your ad, right? Well, by not having any negative keywords can cause unnecessary clicks meaning wasting your budget. Spend your budget wisely and only pay for the clicks that are beneficial to you.

DON’T Use inadequate Ad copy

There is no use in focusing on targeting and other technical aspects of PPC if what you write in the ad isn’t useful to the customer.

Having engaging copy that stands out from your competition can make your ad more appealing to the customer.

DO Pause the Poor Performers

To keep up with the ever-changing climate of digital marketing, you should be adjusting your campaigns accordingly.

Testing is always beneficial, you won’t know until you try. So those keywords and subgroups that may have been set up at the start may not be performing. Therefore, they are cutting into your budget. Just know, what works one week may not work the next, so don’t assume that if the ad is up then it is doing well. Pause the poor performers and keep your ads regularly updated.

DON’T Let your Account ‘Tick-over’

As previously mentioned, don’t forget about your ads not keep track of their performance. It is so easy to just assume your ad is performing well and not keeping it updated. You’re not getting the most out of your budget.

When done right, PPC campaigns can drive a large volume of traffic to your website, which can lead to sales. Use your budget effectively and actively maintain your ads.

DO Have Revenue tracking set up in Google Analytics

When using Google search ads, it is a must to have revenue tracking set up. Especially important of e-commerce businesses as it can give you the exact amount of money you’ve made and where it came from.

DON’T Send Everyone to Your Homepage

Like most rules, there are exceptions. However, if you have an ad about a specific product or service then you MUST link your ad to the right product page.

By sending customers to your homepage and expecting them to then find the product they have just searched for again will just lead to high bounce rates and loss of potential sales.

DO Schedule content for certain times

Find out when most of your customers are visiting your site. Understanding when your audience is most active helps your ad to reach more people, in turn driving more traffic to your website.

DON’T Neglect Mobile

With the majority of people using mobile platforms, it is important to take advantage of it in every way possible.

By utilising mobile ads can only improve your reach and chances of getting a valuable lead that could eventually lead to extra revenue.


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