WAVE Trauma Centre is a grassroots, cross community, voluntary organisation formed in 1991 which has grown organically to provide health and wellbeing services and social support to those who have experienced bereavement, injury or trauma through or as a result of civil unrest in Northern Ireland.

WAVE operate out of five local centres and have an online presence via social media platforms and a website.

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What we do

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The challenge

The WAVE website needed to be updated and refreshed to bring it up to date with web design and technology best practice. WAVE required a complete redesign to reflect their message and show who they are and the important work that they do. WAVE needed a modern new website with clearer navigation and more of a focus on user experience in their website design so that users can find vital information on their services.

Our solution

  • Fully Functional & Mobile Responsive: The team at WebsiteNI designed and built a fully functional & mobile responsive website for WAVE. WAVE’s new main homepage and navigation bar aids the user journey and provides easy access to key areas. The website is responsive, meaning it has been designed and coded so that it automatically adapts to suit the size of the screen it is being viewed on such as a tablet or mobile phone. The new design reflects WAVE’s corporate branding and the imagery effectively conveys the organisations message and promotes key services, facilities, events and information.
  • Calls to Action: The new WAVE website is easy to navigate and motivates visitors to take desired actions, with buttons such as ‘Support Us’ visible throughout the website. This leads users to engage with options such as ‘Make a Donation’, ‘Volunteer’ and ‘Become a Fundraiser’. WebsiteNI focused on simple navigation, clear sign-posting and clear pathways for vital information for those who want to help or those who need to find support.
  • Focus on WAVE’s Work: WebsiteNI also wanted WAVE to build personal connections with their audience. The ‘About Us’ section allows for this, as users gain better understanding of the character and ethos of WAVE and can build a trusting relationship as they learn about WAVE’s values and mission and understand why they should use WAVE’s services, fund-raise or make donations. WAVE’s key internal pages are custom designed around all the required content including text, images, videos and downloads and provide clear signposts to the full range of information on offer with quick links to other pages.  WAVE also have a customised template so they can add or modify pages with ease such as new services, projects, training courses and campaigns.
  • How Visitors can Get Involved: WebsiteNI recognised that website visitors might want to volunteer, fundraise or donate. The new website design enables potential volunteers and fundraisers to donate online. ‘Volunteer’ and ‘Fundraise’ engages potential volunteers and fundraisers with clear messages on why the role is important and the benefits of the role to organisations, the people WAVE help, ideas and downloads for fundraising and the benefits for the volunteer. WAVE’s new website also includes a ‘Careers’ section to provide a platform to advertise job opportunities, where users can find out why they should work for WAVE and download application forms.
  • Events, News & Media and Newsletter: WAVE’s new modern website contains a News section with past and upcoming events, newsletters and fresh and updated content. This increases WAVE’s chances of ranking higher in the Search Engines for keywords.
  • WordPress CMS: The website was developed within the WordPress platform with an easy to use Content Management System. This ensures the website is modern and interactive and allows for ease of use and functionality for both the end user and the administrators.