Seamus Heaney ‘HomePlace’ gives you a glimpse of the inspirational life and work of one of Ireland’s all-time greatest writers.

‘HomePlace’, situated between Heaney’s two childhood home’s is somewhere you can feel the warmth of the landscapes and people while immersing yourself Nobel Laureate’s literature.

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The Challenge

Seamus Heaney ‘HomePlace’ needed an attractive and responsive design for their website to target their wide customer base. Challenging the WebsiteNI team, our web developers had to create a user-friendly layout which is able to simply yet effectively display the several key offerings which the Seamus Heaney ‘HomePlace’ offer, both online as well as inside the poet’s beautiful home.

Our Solution

  • Powerful Experience: The new website was designed to give the viewer a glimpse of how powerful and inspiring that the ‘HomePlace’ and its atmosphere are when you step inside.
  • Simple yet creative navigation: The websites professional layout allows the audience to both read and view exclusive content while also being able to navigate quickly to other pages to easily receive information that they might be looking for.
  • Showcases new and exclusive features: With recent renovations to the cutting edge ‘Homeplace’, showcasing these new features in a professional and educational was crucial. With the unique features added, Seamus Heaney’s audience are immediately met with interactive designs to entice users to both read more and collaborate.
  • Online booking system: An online booking system was integrated into the website offering the audience to view and interact with a range of events and seamlessly book tickets.
  • Flexible WordPress content management system: Developed within the WordPress platform with an easy-to-use Content Management System. This enables Seamus Heaney ‘HomePlace’ to easily make updates to images, menus, and content, maintaining an effective online presence.
  • Social Media Integration: Incorporating the Seamus Heaney ‘HomePlace’ social media across the site allows users to gain easy access to other platforms which depending on the audience may offer a more available form of gaining information.