PIP Chemicals manufacture and supply an extensive range of customised products to businesses within the automotive and vehicle industry.

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What we do

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The challenge

PIP Chemicals required a complete redesign of their existing website. The team at WebsiteNI worked closely with PIP Chemicals to create a brand new contemporary and innovative ecommerce website that creates brand awareness, highlights the full capabilities of PIP Chemicals, showcases the products on offer, provides easy navigation and functionality, and ultimately generates more enquiries and sales through an effective online presence.

Our solution

  • Fresh, responsive and easy to navigate: The new PIP Chemicals website is fresh, responsive and modern. The website has been designed in line with their corporate identity branding guidelines to effectively convey the organisations message; communicate with different users; and promote key products. The site’s main homepage and navigation bar is critical to the user journey and provides easy access to key areas. With clearly defined pathways to information and logical categorisation of information, the new website architecture is fresh, clear and easy to navigate so that users can easily find the information/products they are looking for with a minimum of interactions.
  • Search facility: The team at WebsiteNI understood that there may be different groups of users visiting the website, with different desired actions. The new site features simple navigation, clear sign-posting and a prominent search facility to guide users to the correct information on PIP Chemical’s products.
  • Clear pathways to information: With so many high quality products, the new website needed to incorporate detailed content and information. The ‘Products’ section is filtered by product type and market sector so that users can easily find this information. Similarly the ‘Customisation’ section features content and clear, engaging iconography to help engage users and highlight their high quality products.
  • E-Commerce and Brochure style – Product info and One Page Checkout: The new PIP Chemicals website is a mix between an E-Commerce and Brochure style website. WebsiteNI have populated the new PIP Chemicals website with up to 150 base products visible to all website visitors. When a customer logs in, they will have access to all other products relevant to their account. The Trade Customer Login enables registered trade customers to access full base product listings and information; view orders and re-order; add notes to order and checkout by adding to account or make payment. The new site also features a simple, easy to use One Page Checkout system for sales. The brochure element of the new website allows website visitors to browse the products and ‘add to enquiry’ their interest in a certain product, and do so for multiple products. This is then emailed to PIP Chemicals.
  • Blog with subject categories filter: The new PIP Chemicals website also features a blog section with a categories filter by subject. This allows PIP to stay relevant and keep their content updated and fresh with latest news and information on their products and their industry. This will keep users engaged.
  • Secure Enquiry Form: There are also prominent contact details and a secure enquiry form to make it as easy as possible for users to make contact with them.  The secure enquiry form includes the user’s name, email, phone number, company and message.