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the challenge

The Initiative exists to build the emotional resilience of children and young people aged 8-25, and their key contacts i.e. teachers, youth workers, parents and carers, in the Northern Zone communities. Through the Initiative’s interactive mental health & resilience workshops, the project aims to enable communities to develop resilient cultures within the home, schools and communities.

As part of the development of the Northern Area Mental Health Initiative project, the organisation recognised the importance of establishing an on-line presence to facilitate the delivery of the project by creating an on-line resource that those who are targeted by the project can access at any time and to build the brand and marketing for the project.

WebsiteNI worked in partnership with the Northern Area Mental Health Initiative to create a contemporary website to clearly encapsulate the key message of the project and provide clear signposts and pathways to direct different users to key areas of information.

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our solution

The new website provides a library of mental health resources aimed at different age groups and supports interactive learning though online games and quizzes. Website visitors can browse a calendar of events, book workshops and submit satisfaction surveys online.

The responsive design ensures the new website will work seamlessly across a range of browsers, from desktop through to tablet and mobile.

The website was developed within the WordPress platform with an easy to use Content Management System to enable administrators at Northern Area Mental Health to manage an effective online presence and provide a portal of information and contact for those who need to source information and resources to tackle mental health and wellbeing issues.