Cleaver Fulton Rankin is a leading commercial law firm in Northern Ireland, providing a full legal service to both commercial and individual private clients.

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What we do

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The challenge

The Cleaver Fulton Rankin website required a fresh redesign so as to bring it into line with current best practice with regards to website design and technology. The team at WebsiteNI also focused on improving user experience and truly reflecting the organisation’s brand message, specialist expertise and professional legal services.

Our solution

  • Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design: The new website is fully responsive – it works seamlessly across a range of browsers, from desktop through to tablet and mobile. Our responsive design architecture is able to detect the screen size and adjust the display accordingly.  Navigation of the new Cleaver Fulton Rankin website on a mobile device is therefore a much smoother experience.
  • Improved Navigation, Sleek new Design: The new website features a sleek, modern design and easy navigation with clear signposts and pathways to direct different website visitors to the information that they are looking for and clearly promote the full range of legal services offered to commercial and individual private clients. The look and feel of the site is professional and engaging.
  • Improved ‘Landing Page’ Design: Whilst content is important on a website, the team at WebsiteNI wanted to improve the design of each of the landing pages, so as to give an overview of each of the sectors and services whilst also including a range of features to help encourage the potential client to raise their hand.
  • Visuals: Landing pages feature visually engaging imagery – for example an image of the head of department or other key contacts to help persuade the user of the authenticity and give the site a more human and personalised touch. If relevant, a video is also included. WebsiteNI incorporated CFR’s ‘Our Heritage’ video into the new site design – users are much more likely to click and watch a video than read reams of text.
  • Testimonials and case studies: Testimonials feature on landing pages – ‘Our clients tell it best’. These are highly effective as social proof of the high quality services that Cleaver Fulton Rankin provide and help to establish trust.
  • Clear calls to actions, contact details and awards: Each page features clear calls to action for example ‘Get in touch’, ‘Send us a message’. These also align with prominent contact details that encourage users to get in touch by phoning, sending a message using a contact form This clearly signposts user to the information they need.
  • Mega menu, CFR HR: The new Cleaver Fulton Rankin website has a clear, easy to navigate ‘mega menu’. This is a useful tool for presenting a lot of navigation options in a straightforward format, and highlights their full range of legal services. Also included in the new design is a ‘CFR HR’ page that reflects their brand and its expertise.