Gareth Greenaway Profile Photo

A lot of my day-to-day work involves building the websites for our clients, by using a range of different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy the mixture of work that I get to do. One week I could be working with a new & upcoming business, the next it could be with a company who is established all over the globe. It’s a great feeling helping to bring somebody’s ideas for the web to life! I also enjoy the banter that we all have in the office – we all get on well together and everyone has a good laugh!

What do you get up to outside of work?

I really enjoy going for runs & would enter races every year, usually 10km or half marathons. On the flip side of that, just chilling out watching Netflix with my wife and a load of food is hard to beat.