How Great Quality Product Images can Enhance your E-Commerce Website Image

Great product images is one of the key main factors on how to make your e-commerce website stand out amongst the others. Product images have the capability to gain more sales for your business.

It goes without saying, if your e-commerce website does not have great product images, they have a more chance of failing to draw customers into buying your product.

So what can you do to fix this? Here are some simple steps on how to nail your product images.

High Quality Images

Make sure that all of your images are high quality and gives a full view of the product. There is nothing worse than browsing through a website, and finding it hard to see products as they are either too small or not high in resolution.

An easy way to get high quality images is by taking your time in taking the photos and make sure the photos aren’t too blurry or to dark. To fix dark looking images, you can brighten up images so the customer can get a good view on certain details of a product.

Saturation, image brightness are the two main features of the image. I will also mention background and foreground segmentation, contrast and ratio of product and white space. The entire product should be in frame.

Image Size

Apart from the quality, the image should be at least 1000 pixels in height or width. Images that are too small will chase customers away from buying any of your products.

Several Angles

When it comes to product imagery, the customer does not want to see just the front of the product. Show them as many angles as you can to show the customer every important detail of the product. Especially for clothing purposes. It is quite frustrating when buying something and when it arrives it is not what you expected as the product had no images from the back or up close. Don’t be afraid of going into detail.

Image Zoom

3 words. ‘Every Detail Matters’. The only way you can show detail on products is by giving the customer the option to zoom into images. If you are buying something at second hand, the customer will want to see if there are any scratches or marks on the product before they complete the sale. This even goes for new products. For example, a shirt or a dress. The customer will want to see every stitch and detail on the product and also to get a clear idea of the craftsmanship that has went into the making of the product.

So now you have mastered all the steps of great product imagery, test these tricks and see your business gain more sales by doing something so simple!

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