360 Attachments Launch Modern New Website Image

360 Attachments Ltd was established in 2008 as a specialist Excavator Attachment Manufacturer, supplying re-handling attachments to the Construction, Waste, Agricultural and Forestry sectors.

360 Attachments needed an eCommerce website which enabled customers to purchase products and parts online. The team at WebsiteNI worked closely with 360 Attachments Ltd to design a modern, sleek new website that showcases their expertise and high quality products.

Builds trust, highlights expertise and promotes USPs

The new 360 Attachments website was designed to make the user aware of the full range of products on offer, convey a trustworthy image to help build user confidence; and highlight the organisations unique selling points such as free delivery UK & Ireland; Quality Guaranteed; Expertise. Also featured on the main homepage is the option to ‘Choose a Manufacturer’ and Manufacturer logos.

Easy navigation and user experience

360 Attachments is an E-Commerce site and so the new design allows users to easily find products and any information they need. The new website is clean and user-friendly, with clear navigation, keywords, categories and pathways to products, manufacturers and contact information. The site’s main homepage and navigation bar is critical to the user journey and provides easy access to key areas with minimum interactions.

Technologically advanced, Downloadable resources

The new website is sleek and full of informative content, categories, product descriptions & images. The included Calls to Action motivate and guide users to take desired actions on the new site such as ‘View Videos’ and ‘Choose a Manufacturer’. The WebsiteNI team have ensured users enjoy a seamless online shopping experience, and therefore 360 Attachments UK Ltd can increase online products sales and encourage new and repeat customers. The ‘Downloads’ section allows users to download any of the resources to help with the fitting and operation of the grapples.

Built for E-Commerce

WebsiteNI have designed a new site which ensures that website visitors will be able to find the right Grapple from a range of Manufacturers, lists and further sub-category of Models. The product listing pages display thumbnail pictures for quick view and show reference to all top and sub-level product categories so users will be aware of the full product range without having to click too many times. The product page has been styled around required content and imagery such as multiple images and technical specifications, providing a clear and structured product page.

Seamless responsive design

Alongside a fresh and modern look and feel, the new website works seamlessly across a range of browsers, from desktop through to tablet and mobile phone.

Visually engaging Videos & Newsletter Sign Up

The ‘Video’ section of 360 Attachments’ new website showcases their products in use in an engaging and informative way which highlights the high quality of the products and encourages users to buy. WebsiteNI also integrated a Newsletter sign up as a footer.


The new 360 Attachments website is easy to use and functional from both an end user and CMS perspective, as the Website NI designed and built a modern, beautiful and interactive website using the WordPress platform.

View this brand new website at www.attachmentsuk.com


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