Belfast Health and Social Care Trust required a new website for their Communication Resource and Information Service (CRIS) to act as an online library system, bringing their current systems up to date.

The CRIS website details important communication support for health development in Belfast HSC Trust and South Eastern HSC Trust in Northern Ireland.

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The challenge

The team at WebsiteNI worked closely with Belfast Health and Social Care Trust to create a brand new bespoke website that would allow registered users to order resources such as printed leaflets and posters for their own distribution and also allow booking or pre-ordering of resources such as books and publications from the library to be then returned at a later date.

Our solution

  • Clear pathways and structured navigation: The team at WebsiteNI designed and built the new CRIS website with clear pathways and structured navigation. The new website has been designed in line with CRIS  and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust’s corporate identity branding guidelines, to effectively convey the organisations message; communicate with different users; and promote key services and information. The site’s main homepage and navigation bar is critical to the user journey and provides easy access to key areas.
  • ‘About CRIS’: The new CRIS website features an ‘About CRIS’ section, so that users can get to know more information on the organisation as a whole, who they are dealing with and why they should use the services and resources. This page features images of staff members so as to tell the story of CRIS.
  • Search facility: The team at WebsiteNI also understood that there may be different groups of users visiting the website, with different desired actions. The new site features simple navigation, clear sign-posting and a prominent search facility to guide users to the correct information on communication support and services.
  • Focus on CRIS resources: The new design highlights key resources that CRIS provide. The categorisation of web pages includes a ‘Library/resources’ section and also ‘Leaflets/Posters’ and ‘Design Services’. Website visitors can view all resources on offer and must register an account or log into their password protected account before they can make an order.  Administrators at CRIS are able to authorise all new account registrations. The new CRIS website also allows registered users to login and order resources such as printed leaflets and posters for their own distribution.  Registered users can also book or pre-order resources such as books and publications from the library to be then returned at a later date.
  • ‘Whats new’ and Newsletter Signup: The team at WebsiteNI included a ‘What’s New’ section to keep the website content fresh and updated and keep new and repeat users engaged.  As well as this, there is a newsletter sign up feature so that users can sign up to receive the latest updates from CRIS.
  • Information Enquiry: The new CRIS website also includes prominent contact details and an enquiry form to make it as easy as possible for users to make contact with CRIS.  The secure enquiry form includes the user’s name, email, phone number and message.