At Website NI we are constantly looking for better ways to help improve our clients SEO and online marketing as it can potentially improve a website instantly so this month we are asking ‘How can businesses improve their SEO and online marketing using Google products?’

So, how does Google work?

Google is the world’s largest web search engine database searching over 22 billion pages which navigates the web by crawling.

As Google’s ‘spider’ crawls the sites it monitors links from pages to pages and then sorts these pages based on the content. Google has a good reputation for providing relevant and thorough search results meaning that it is a good place to begin when searching.

In order for Google to work effectively, a spider program discovers pages held on the public web and then creates a database. The search box on Google’s home page enables users to search the database by simply entering search terms or symbols. Furthermore Google’s unique analysis algorithm PageRank system selects the way in which the results should be presented. No one but Google knows exactly what the details are and how many algorithms are used but as web design and marketing experts we can make an educated guess based on research and experience in helping our customers achieve better search engine rankings.


Google provides features, shortcuts and databases and services which could help improve a search. View the Google infographicto see how Google sorts through websites, gathers data and responds to search queries regularly.

It is beneficial to know – each year Google alters its search algorithm numerous times. Most of these changes may be minor; however every few months Google develops a major algorithmic update that certainly affects search results in significant ways. The most up-to-date Google algorithm is Penguin 4 with Penguin 2.0 Generation which is currently live. This update is the fourth version – designed to stop spam more effectively.