Google Perfomance Summit - WebsiteNI

Google recently held their GPS (Google Performance Summit).

A bit like the other more commonly known GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) that you’d use on your sat nav; they have announced some updates that give us a general idea of the direction they’re going, but will probably still need to ask somebody for further guidance when you get there.

They made a big deal in letting us know we are in a ‘mobile first world’. People are so used to having access to information in their hand wherever they are with smartphones becoming more commonly used.

They have also announced that over half of searches right now are on mobile devices and a fifth of those are voice search. The importance of having your website optimised for mobile has been highlighted again with Google’s recent algorithm update and mobile friendly testing tool.

  1. Expanded AdWords campaigns

    Google AdWords extended - WebsiteNI

    Current options compared to new updates coming later this year

    PPC advertising on Google has evolved over time to make your ads appear more like the normal organic search ads instead of being stuck on the right hand side of the page.

    We will soon be able to add more to these ads with expanded headlines and expanded descriptions. Character limits of ads have been extended in both the ad headline and the description underneath.

    With two 30 character headlines now instead of just one 25 character headline; testing calls to action like ‘Watch our video’ or ‘Download our brochure’ could be tested on the second headline that will now be available along with the main headline. Longer descriptions will also give more scope for including relevant keywords to your products and services.

  2. Promoted Pins – Local search ads

    Ads on Google Maps, Promoted Pins - WebsiteNI

    Your company logo can also feature on these new ‘promoted pins’

    This is probably one of the most exciting of these updates announced by Google. Local SEO is important to businesses here in Northern Ireland due to the rise of people searching for products and services near them.

    Therefore, your Google business listing to feature on the map is important as you will now be able to pay and feature higher on the local map listings than before.

  3. Enhanced PPC targeting – targeted advertising by age and device
    Targeting using the age demographic has long been a feature on Facebook advertising. However, you get a little more bang for your buck compared to social media advertising as you can target all age groups initially, you can go one better and adjust how much you spend on each specific age group.This means that if you wanted to still target all ages with similar keywords, you can make a bigger push to target a specific age group all within the one campaign.

    Another new feature that looks good is being able to target ads by the device people are using and searching on. For example, if you want to target mobile phones as the main device you want your ads to come up on – you can now adapt your budget to spend more on mobile devices than laptops and tablets.


There will be more developments as to how all of these new features will operate in practice – we will be on point with all the latest information and testing to find out what works best for your business.

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