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PKF-FPM is a member of PKF International, one of the top 12 global networks of accounting firms. Established in 1991, PKF-FPM are client-focused industry leaders specialising in a range of accountancy, finance and business consultancy services for clients within a range of sectors throughout the North and South of Ireland.

PKF-FPM wanted a complete redesign to bring their website into line with current best practice with regards to website design and technology, improve user experience, and truly reflect the organisation’s brand message, specialist expertise and core value proposition. The team at WebsiteNI worked closely with PKF-FPM to create a fresh, clean, modern and functional solution that brought all the key objectives of the new website together.

Bespoke design, improved navigation

The new website features a sleek, modern design and easy navigation with clear signposts and pathways to direct different website visitors to the information that they are looking for and clearly promote the full range of services. The look and feel of the site is professional and engaging, reflecting PKF-FPM’s brand message and visually conveying their core value proposition – helping clients make money, save time and guarantee peace of mind – in order to build immediate trust and confidence in PKF-FPM’s expertise and experience to motivate the potential customer to make an enquiry. This new design raises the Company profile and awareness of PKF-FPM, placing the organisations as an industry leading, client-focused and innovative accountancy, finance and business consultancy.

‘Our Story’, ‘Meet the Team’ and ‘Client Journey’

PKF-FPM’s new website features a user-centred design with a strong focus on brand storytelling so as to connect with users. The ‘PKF Experience’ features an ‘Our Story’ section which humanises the company. There is also a section on the home page focusing on ‘Our People Are Our Greatest Strength’ with ‘Meet the team’ as the Call to Action. As well as this, the ‘Client Journey’ section of the home page shows engaging visuals to reflect PKF-FPM’s vast industry expertise across various sectors and show how they have helped real businesses. These elements of the design tell the story of the company in a way that truly reflects their brand message, specialist expertise and core value proposition.

Calls to Action

Call to Actions enhance user experience and effectively promote the full service offering, expertise, client focus and capability of PKF-FPM. Important Calls to Action in the new design include ‘Need a Call Back’ which is ‘sticky’ to the right-hand side of the website and leads to an integrated enquiry form.

Clear display of people, services and accreditation

The team at WebsiteNI used genuine staff images for the ‘Our People’ section of the new site. This authenticates and humanises PKF-FPM and offers more interest and connectivity to website visitors. Also featured in the slick new design are engaging visuals and iconography which reflects the company’s wide range of services. Accreditation logos also feature, building trust and focusing on the excellent reputation of PKF-FPM as an industry leader in accountancy, finance and business consultancy services.

Search facility, clearly defined pathways

Our team designed and built a menu with a display including all the core services and information with top level and sub level pages for ease of navigation. With clearly defined pathways to information and logical categorisation of information, users do not have to think, as the user experience is clear and a search facility is included so that they can easily find the information they are looking for.

‘Pulse’ – featured news, trending topics, events

The ‘Pulse’ section of the PKF-FPM website contains featured news, trending topics, newsletters, events and blogs. This adds value for the user, as they can not only keep up-to-date with what’s happening at the heart of PKF-FPM but also learn more about sector & industry developments.

Careers section

The new PKF-FPM website includes a ‘Careers’ section to highlight PKF-FPM as a progressive and innovative company to work for, with a highly experienced workforce. This attracts potential employees and conveys their capability, growth and commitment to delivering an innovative, quality and customer focused service. The team also designed this section so that it enables users to upload their CV.

Responsive design

The new website is fully responsive – it works seamlessly across a range of browsers, from desktop through to tablet and mobile.

Newsletter Signup

The new website features a newsletter sign-up at the footer of each section to allow users to register on the website to receive email updates or regular newsletters.


The new PKF-FPM website is easy to use and functional from both an end user and CMS perspective, as the Website NI designed and built a modern, beautiful and interactive website using the WordPress platform. The website is set-up in a way that provides administrators at PKF-FPM with the flexibility to manage the website moving onwards enabling site admin, easy access to update content, images and projects throughout the site.

View this brand new website at www.pkffpm.com.

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