E-commerce Update: Magento 1 End of Life Image

It’s official – on 30th June 2020, all versions of Magento 1 will become end of life (EOL). There will be no quality fixes or security patches deployed for Magento 1 after this!

All versions of Magento 1 are impacted, including Magento Commerce 1 and Magento Open Source 1. So, now is the time to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, if you haven’t already done so. You’ll have to do this before 30th June, because otherwise your ecommerce business could become exposed to security breaches and other issues which could damage your brand in the long-run.

Read on to find out more on the importance of making this move to Magento 2…

Why do I need to migrate?
Security issues

If you stick with Magento 1 after 30th June, you could face a couple of problems with your ecommerce site. One main issue is that without the software update, your site becomes a target for data and security breaches. There will be no quality fixes for bugs within the platform, and after this date, Magento will no longer provide software support and security patches.

Compliance with Payment Card Security Standards

After this date, your site will not comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Card schemes such as Visa and Mastercard set the PCI DSS global standards – these apply to all merchants that process payments. Requirement 6 sets out that all merchants must actively implement security patches to maintain safe and secure payment-related systems. Visa has already announced that action is required because of Magento 1 EOL, and more and more merchants are being encouraged to migrate to a secure platform like Magento 2.

If you choose not to migrate, then after 30th June you will not meet the PCI DSS standards which state that you must “develop and maintain secure systems and applications by installing applicable vendor-supplied security patches“. If your website was to become breached as a result of this, you would not qualify for the payment forensic investigation (Lite).

If I do migrate to Magento 2, what are the benefits?
Enhanced performance

Magento 2 runs, on average, 20% faster than Magento 1. As we know, faster sites enhance user-experience and usability, encourage more sales and help sites rank better on search engines.

Improved admin interface

Magento 1’s admin interface received a lot of backlash, as non-technical users found it difficult to navigate. Magento 2 actually has a much simpler, smoother and user-friendly interface. Users can navigate this platform and can find tools and add new product listings much quicker.

Mobile friendly

Now more than ever before, ecommerce sites need to be fully responsive across all devices. Magento 1 sites always struggled to deliver optimum performance on mobile devices. More and more customers are buying online via their smartphones, and Magento 2 is optimised based on this trend as mobile responsiveness is a top priority on their platform.

Streamlined checkout and payment process

A streamlined checkout and payment process is another way to improve user experience! It’s so important to have a smooth, trustworthy and simple payment process on ecommerce sites to encourage and facilitate online sales. Magento 1’s checkout process has 6 stages whereas Magento 2 only has 2!

Take a look at some of our Magento 2 websites: 

Although it can take time and effort to migrate to a new platform, now is the time to do it. With Magento 1’s EOL fast approaching, the silver lining is that migration to Magento 2 will greatly improve the usability and overall user-experience of your ecommerce site, whilst also maintaining it’s security and trustworthiness and protecting your brand reputation.

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