Our Managing Director, Daithi Conlon, likes to set himself a challenge. And as a triathlon enthusiast, this year he has set himself the challenge of taking on an Ironman in Barcelona. The Ironman is the ultimate triathlon starting with a 3.8Km swim, followed by a 180km bike ride and finishing off with a full marathon. The event is a great opportunity for us to raise funds for a very worthy cause.

As the kids get ready to go back to school, something that we take for granted in this part of the world, Daithi is raising funds to help those who are less fortunate. His cousin, Bernadette has gone to Nigeria to set-up a foundation class to give teenagers the opportunity to acquire the basic education that would typically be found in P1 – P3 of a western primary school.

Please visit the JustGiving page to find out more and to help out.