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One of the biggest failures of any company today is neglecting its digital presence. Many businesses erroneously believe that in order to be successful they simply need to have a basic website, but that is no longer enough. If you want your business to succeed, it’s vital to have a great company website that coneys your brand message, targets the right audience, and ultimately generates more business and sales.

So, how do you truly know if your website is acceptable in the modern world? Let’s break down each component and find out if your site is in need of a redesign!

Does your website look like it would fit in the modern world, or does it look like something from the early 80s?

Does your website have huge, oversized buttons, solid and very bland colors and lots and lots of text?

You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor, so you must be concise and to the point with the content you supply on your homepage. Ultimately, your website homepage should convey your core value proposition and true differentiator in the marketplace.

Is your website mobile friendly and re-size to suit any screen size?

If the answer to this question is no, then you’ve most certainly failed at providing a modern website.

Customers now expect the same online experience on a mobile device as they get on desktop computers.

The benefit of mobile responsive design, is that your website can accommodate all of your users regardless of the platform they are using, thus improving the user experience.


Are the Website images fresh and up to date?

Don’t use poorly cropped images and lower resolution photos on your website as not only does it look bad but also unprofessional and gives the impression you don’t care about your brand.

Your website is a statement, one that says your brand is fresh, and allows you to be more personal and build a connection with the user.

Is it easy to find your contact details?

There’s nothing wrong with clicking through a couple of menus and adding interactive dialogue buttons. That’s part of website design. However, the most important information needs to be displayed right up front for potential customers and visitors.

If you’re a B2B service provider, or an ecommerce website, a phone number should be on your website.  Not only does a prominent contact number offer users a quick way to contact you but also makes potential customers more comfortable when there is a way to reach you.

Is your website showing up organically in search results?

seoThe best way to get noticed on the web is to be one of the first few results they see when they perform a search. However with thousands of companies competing for the same keywords, it’s increasingly difficult to have a high enough ranking to be noticed.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved around search engine ranking and it’s imperative for all modern websites to embrace some of it’s key principles. Broadly, SEO has three steps you need to follow when creating a website:

  • Research: Find out what are the keywords or phrases you want to target for your business. Also look at what your competitors are targeting. Use this information to set your goals.
  • Set your goals: All websites have three main goals: drive traffic, gain exposure, and build revenue. Good SEO helps bring in traffic, it’s up to you to figure out what to do with it to convert them.
  • Marketing: When you’ve figured out what you want to do, you can start optimising your website creating great content that spreads your relevant keywords around.  Email marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, and many other marketing campaigns can help drive traffic to your website.


Redesigning your website is one of the most powerful things you can do for your company online.

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