Our website design service starts at the end — what do you need a website for?

Do you want more leads for your business, better communications with your stakeholders, more customer engagement or perhaps a platform to distribute technical information?

Whatever you are trying to achieve, we will help get some clarity around your objectives and explore the options for achieving them.

Do not underestimate the importance of having your website built right by professionals who are experts at design and development — your visitor will usually give you less than 5 seconds to wow them — that's all! If you are reading this then we have probably succeeded in getting you past the 5 second mark on our site, so why not contact us today and let us share our successful approach with you.

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Websites that generate leads

For many businesses, the main objective of the website is to act as a lead generator — most businesses want a website to deliver a steady stream of enquiries from prospective customers. We have refined a simple three-step process to create this type of website:

  1. Search engine optimisation — Prospective customers can't get in touch if they can't find you, so the first step is to create a website that is as search engine friendly as possible so that your website shows up when users enter the relevant search term for your business.
  2. Professional design — Your website doesn't need to be massively complex or over-designed (the user is there to find out if you are selling what they want to buy) but if the website is to instil confidence in the company behind it, then it does need to look clean, tidy and professional.
  3. Let them raise their hand – Having succeeded in getting the customer to find your website (step one) and convey a level of professionalism (step two), the next vital step is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to raise their hand. Make it easy for them to find your phone number or fill in a quick message.

These might seem like three obvious steps, but it is amazing how many websites fail along the path. We have helped hundreds of companies to build successful lead generating websites and we would love to have the opportunity to apply our expertise on your next website design project.